General & Family Dentistry

What Is a General and Family Dentist?

Your general and family dentist is your primary care dentist. This is who you see for your general dental needs and for any recommendation to specialists. A family dentist is equipped to treat all members of your family, from the first tooth to the last. We are who you see most often, and the ones with the most thorough knowledge of your personal dental health.


  • Service a Wide Range of Issues | We are equipped to address a wide range of dental issues.
  • Track Your Dental History | When you have a general/family dentist, it is easier to track your dental history. It also makes it easier to spot hereditary dental issues, as we can care for every member of your family.
  • Track Your Child’s Dental Development | One way to identify possible future issues is to track the development of a child’s dental health. A family dentist can help you tackle possible problems early.
  • Prevent Dental Diseases | We focus on preventative care, including dental cleanings and dental hygiene education.

Our Services

  • Preventative Care | From dental hygiene education to bi-annual dental cleanings, the best way to treat dental disease is to prevent it.
  • Oral Cancer Screening | Like dental cleanings, an oral cancer screening should be performed frequently to protect your health. In fact, it is usually done during the same visit. It is important to detect early signs of oral cancer to ensure the best chances of remission.
  • Gum Disease Treatment | Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a serious dental health issue. It can lead to tooth loss and has been linked to other systemic health issues, such as heart disease and diabetes. It is pivotal to treat gum disease as quickly as possible.

A Dentist You Can Trust!

Dr. Scalas and everyone here at Bloomfield Dental Group is dedicated to promoting your best oral health. We want to catch issues early, treat them, and help you keep your beautiful smile intact as long as possible. Call us today for your appointment!

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