Dental Technology

A good dental practice stays up-to-date with dental technologies to help provide the best service. Here are some of dental technologies that we offer in our office:

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are much faster than traditional x-rays. They also offer many benefits, such as:

  • Faster Processing | With regular x-rays, you have to wait for a traditional film to develop, which can take a long time. Digital x-rays are available instantly.
  • More Accurate Diagnosis | With digital x-rays, we are able to zoom in to look at problem areas and get a more accurate diagnosis of the situation. This allows us to provide better service.
  • Less Radiation | It is estimated that digital x-rays need 70% less radiation output than traditional x-rays!

Laser Caries Detection

The term ‘caries’ is a scientific way of saying tooth decay, or cavities. Laser caries detection is a way to detect your tooth decay using laser technology. A laser allows us to get a closer, more accurate read of your dental health. Laser caries detection also provides us with high definition imaging that shows exactly what is happening with your tooth.

The biggest benefit of laser caries detection is that we are able to better address your tooth decay, which can help prevent tooth loss. Early detection of cavities is pivotal to good oral health.

Digital Impressions

We use scanning for final impressions of your teeth. This helps us to maintain a good record of your oral health and is available to be emailed between dental offices. For example, if you need to see a specialist, we can send your scanned impressions prior to your first meeting.

Technology That Makes a Difference!

At Bloomfield Dental Group, we know that technology can help us give you unparalleled service. We will use our technology to make an accurate diagnosis and provide the appropriate treatment. Call for your appointment today!

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